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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

“‘Tis strange – but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.” - British poet Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron)

A lot of evidence concerning abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS and the various related government departments and non-government organizations (NGOs) has surfaced in both the U.S. and Canada - yet, over the years, nothing changed.

This indicated that there was a larger more powerful connection at play. It did not take long to find this bigger connection. However, in the early years, there were few people who would accept the reality of these larger global connections.

Most people do not want to believe that corruption and abuse against innocent families and children exists in Canada and the U.S.. They need to feel a sense of security in the society they live in, and that need is so great that most people will prefer to believe a lie rather than face the truth. They want to believe that such things only exist in third world countries !

Understanding that even the basics of the wickedness in Nova Scotia, Canada was hard for most people to accept, we originally limited the information we posted to local concerns. This way, at least, we hoped that we could begin educating Nova Scotians about the reality of abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS.

However, it broke our hearts to find testimonies from parent groups throughout North America and beyond who had worked years to inform the public and had attemped to change the system, as we had, with no success. They were frustrated and did not understand why, despite all the evidence that had come forward, nothing was done, nothing changed.

We felt they were owed an explanation, so, hopefully, now is the time for people to hear and accept the "Bigger Global Picture".

The powerful connections that are responsible for abusing our innocent families and children go to the highest levels that hides behind secrecy and secret organizations.
Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people." ~ H. G. Wells (1939)

Finally alternate media, first hand testimonies from people coming out of these evil organizations, and countless politicians began now declaring openly the plan for a New World Order and a one world government. Because of this, it is hoped that people will accept the evidence we are now posting concerning this evil global connection. Please view topics under "Bigger Picture" , "Agenda 21" , "Democracy Destroyed" etc .

Because of the push to form a One World Government, we are all connected in our struggle. What is being done elsewhere is being, or will be, done to us because it is the same global power which is working towards the destruction of our families and our children worldwide - And the corruption in Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS is is just one of the instruments they use to achieve this goal.

Thus far there are at least 8 powers that are struggling for this one world domination: the Illuminati, Communism, the Vatican, the Masons, the Islam extremists (understand these Islam extremists are killing fellow Islamic people who do not agree with their extreme views) and India, China, and Russia. They all use and manipulate each other but, ultimately, each wants ultimate control.

In the Christian Bible, it is prophesied that an evil Anti-Christ will set up a one World government utilizing a one world religion where all the people of the world will eventually be forced to worship him alone. It is difficult, at this time, to determine, for certain, if this Anti-Christ raises up from any of the 8 powers mentioned above or elsewhere. Please link here if you are interested in learning more about the Anti- Christ.

Over the years, we have seen the voice of the people shut down: Newspapers, and Radio stations, that were willing to write and broadcast critical articles and interviews against Children Services/CPS and government folded. And radio/media personalities, who allowed people to speak out against Children Services/CPS and the government, lost their jobs or were heavily curtailed.

Both the US and Canada have passed laws to remove our right and freedoms, including free speech: the Patriot Act, numerous Executive Orders nullifying the US Constitution. The latest US government grab for power is the NSAA that would allow the US government to put any US citizen in indefinate detention without charges or a trial.

Oath Keepers (military police and sheriffs loyal to the US Constitution - ready to defend the people against enemies "foreign or domestic" ) and some congress people, senators and US States have also taken a stand. Even concerned individuals have gone to the courts to fight the NSAA.

We believe the internet, as we know it, soon will be limited. Eventually internet use will be removed completely from the hands of the people. The time is short. The time to get this information out is now. No one is immune from the abuse of Children Services /New World Order/Agenda 21 etc. The victims can be your family, your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews etc.

You cannot move away from this threat - It is global !You must not put your head in the sand! - There is a global plan to destroy the family unit and physical, sexual and mental abuse is an essential part of Trauma-Based Mind Control, one of the many mind control programs used by this global system to destroy our children. They are also using the more insidious Neuro Linquistic Programing (NLP) to alter people's value system. But the current and planned use of Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control which can be used on people in mass is the most alarming of all ! Please view the many topics on this site under the title MIND CONTROL.

They want our children to rebel against us. They want the new generation to view the "state" as their parent.

But worse than all this, they want to kill off most of the people on this planet, and all under the guise of environmentally saving the planet. We have been declared the enemy - They openly state that we, and our children must be sacrificed for the greater good.

If this sounds extreme to you then it is because you have not been paying attention to the world events that are unfolding before your very eyes. You have been lulled into ignorance and apathy. The expansion of sports and sports arenas, the addiction to various social networks, the focus on celebraties on so called "news" shows. This has all been designed to placate the masses and to get your focus off politics and the changes that are being done to you and your family. Your attention has also been diverted to worrying about the economy and an "enemy" that shifts and changes to suit the political manipulating whims of a small powerful elite. - and this spell has been caste over you "by design". The people in the highest realm of this global power call us "stupid sheep", and we are being lead to the slaughter !

You must wake up NOW! Time is VERY short ! I suggest you start with the several topics listed under "Agenda 21" :

1. AGENDA 21/ Sustainable Development Explained: North America - US - Canada - Nova Scotia (It is recommended that you read this 1st)

2. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 1
(They want to kill us, You should question, Vaccines, Fluoride, Water, GMOs, Chemtrails, Morgellons - GMO/Chemtrail desease.

3. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 2
(Morgellons, Meat, Aspartame, No home gardens, Planned vitamin, mineral and organic food ban, Smart meters, Cancer cures, Pollution free energy and cars, Abortion, After birth abortion, Denying medical care, Killing our own troops, Gun control)

4. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 1
(States, Governors, Sheriffs, )

5. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 2
(Militia, Military, Whistleblowers)

6. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: The Bigger picture



If we do not WAKE UP, fight back, and win then you need to seriously prepare yourself and your family for, incarceration without trial, torture, persecution, and even death.

Did you know that Obama has declared Christians to be "potential domestic terrorists"? - Especially those who believe in the promised Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who, as it happens, according to the Bible, comes to put a stop to an evil one world government.

Maybe some of these Christians and Messianic Jews know something that is very important for these times and perhaps we should pay attention to what their holy books have to say about the "End Times" "End of the Age" etc. (the 3 1/2 to 7 years just before the return of Yeshua Ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Messiah or Anointed One.

For those who want to check this out, please LINK HERE (scroll down to topic list on the right) . Beautiful pictures, fab songs, great testimonies from ex- satanists, ex-witches, ex-illuminati, ex-islamists, Christ believing Jews, etc, archeological evidence for Biblical events and most important scriptures to help you, encourage you and guide you.

May you find the path to the Creator of the heaven and earth. He foresaw these days (view topics on the "End Times" in the link above) we are living in right now and He has instructed us clearly on what we must do and what we are NOT to do. ( "The Mark of the Beast" View all scriptures on this subject HERE Revelation 13: 11-17, 14: 9-11, 16: 2, 19:20, 20:4 . Acceptance of the mark is not a matter to be taken lightly. The Bible states that anyone who accepts the mark, that one must have to buy or sell, denies Christ in favor of a false god. This decision, once made, is irrevocable, and the consequences are everlasting. - ( LINK HERE to read in context with fab pictures and music)

Get yourselves educated. Get familiar with the law and the illegal and unconstituional actions of your government . Educate yourselves about the New World Order and Agenda 21. Get vocal with the government to protect your family and children. Get into the family court and bear witness to what is going on in the name of "justice".
Above written by - Reverend Niemoeller, a German Lutheran pastor who was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to the concentration camp Dachau in 1938.

Monday, May 26, 2008

34. The Streatch Exterior begins to Crack

37. The Streatch Exterior begins to Crack

First the Minister lends her government car to her son who then crashes the car and now this :

N.S. Audit Uncovers 'Alarming' Errors in Children's Aid Office
By DAVID JACKSON Provincial Reporter
Wed. May 21, Halifax Herald

Community Services Minister Judy Streatch says her department will take control of Family and Children's Services of Kings County after an audit found troubling errors and failure to meet provincial standards.

A five-year-old child found alone in front of a hospital one night didn't warrant an investigation by Kings County's children's aid office, just one of many serious errors an audit of the office has uncovered.

The audit, released today, also noted many cases of poor record-keeping and failure to meet provincial standards for child protection.

"Overall, the auditors noted significant and pervasive concerns with respect to poor file organization, errors in judgement, lack of compliance with mandatory standards, lack of oversight and direction, lack of documentation, and a general under-response to situations of risk to children," the audit summary said. [ What most people do not understand is that the Minister is directly responsible for the PRIVATE agencies because they are suppose to report directly to her - While the PUBLIC agencies have a whole bureaucracy between them and the Minister . So you see folks the accountability for this poorly run agency lies squarely on Ms Streatch's lap ! ]

Despite the problems, Community Services Minister Judy Streatch said they didn't find any children being left in unsafe situations. [Shake your head Ms Streatch, a 5 year old child out alone at night is UNSAFE! ]

"No. Fortunately, our audit very clearly points out, though we have standards, procedures and practices that were not being met to the provincial standard, fortunately, no children or youth were at risk," [ Shake shake? - I am assumming Ms Streatch said this thinking the media did not have the details of this young child - Good for you media - caught her in a lie and actually wrote about it ! ] she said. "We were very in-depth in our analysis."

In the case of the five-year-old, whom police found, the audit said staff decided not to investigate based on dealing with the family in the past, and because the incident had occurred "a few weeks ago."

Auditors called it an "alarming error."

Ms. Streatch said that her department will absorb Family and Children's Services of Kings County, and she's appointed an interim executive director in the meantime. Leonard Doiron, a former acting director of child welfare for the province, takes over today.

Robert Myles was the executive director at the time of the audit in December. Ms. Streatch said she couldn't comment on whether he was still with the office because personnel issues are confidential, but she did say that no one was fired. [ What we have found in the past is just this - no one is fired, they are just shuffled around. Sound familiar? Like the priests who abused little childrren- the system protects their own ]

Mark Mander, president of the aid society's volunteer board of directors, said the board decided within the last month to integrate into the department, something other agencies have also done in the last two years. On Tuesday, the department announced Family and Children's Services in Cumberland, Queens, and Yarmouth counties would join.

Mr. Mander characterized the audit as "informing" and said one expects any audit to find deficiencies.

"This was mostly process-based - did you dot that i, cross that t," said Mr. Mander, who works as Kentville's police chief. [With this attitude, perhaps the Kentville police need to be audited too?]

He said he didn't have information about the case of the five-year-old. [Shake- Shake-Shake ! Mander is a Kentville's police CHIEF - the police found this child - But he has no information on this case? Do we believe this? ]

The audit, by two department staff [an inside job] , said the office has one casework supervisor, seven social workers, plus a contract worker who handles intake calls. The auditors said only registered social workers should handle intake calls.

During intake, the social worker is supposed to actively gather information about allegations of child abuse and/or neglect.

When the worker determines the risk to the child, the severity determines the time to start an investigation.

"Priority 1" is a life-threatening situation, with a response of one hour, down the scale to "Priority 5" with no risk, and a response within 21 working days.

The audit found the majority of cases were labelled low risk, even allegations of a risk of violence in the home or a parent's drug abuse that should have had a higher priority.

In one case, a worker labelled a high risk sex offender in "a parenting role" with children as an "'unsuitable association'" rather than "'risk of sexual abuse.'"

The auditors also found shortcomings in child protection work, including problems with risk assessments.

There was one example of a parent designated high risk whom the office allowed to resume an unsupervised care-giving role, without appropriately deciding whether the children were still at risk.

Ms. Streatch said workers will get a thorough review of the guidelines and procedures they're supposed to follow in the complex field of child welfare.

"We will do what we have set out as concrete steps to ensure that the community can rest assured that those standards and those procedures are being met."


TEAbbott wrote:I blame Judy Streatch... She should be fired and a replacement hired.

Little Jonny wrote:Nothing new here.

unfit wrote:what about the 12 year old boy that lied and said his parents abused him, just so he could go to a different school with his cousin,...2 family members backed his story up just for the monthly check,one being the cousin,the other the aunt... childrens aid jumped all over the parents even though they were involved with many organizations with their lil handicapped daughter including ,apsea,early intervention,physio and occupational theraphy,all these workers stated this family was fantastic,the mother treated her kids and half the neighbourhood kids great...she was always doing or taking her kids on outings plus a few other kids as well..yet those statements mysteriously were lost or never recorded..,one childrens aid worker even went to court and lied on the stand [We know of other cases when workers have out and out lied] , after about 2 months this boy decided to tell the truth, childrens aid went to his school to talk to him, when he told them he lied they told him he was abused and to remember they read him a statement they claimed he told them, yet this boy denied he said it, the boy still says childrens aid had stories of abuse that never happened and he never said half of what they read him [Again unfortunately this is not the first time that we are aware that children were coached to tell stories that were not true] ...i think it boils down to this one worker didnt like the mother on the first meeting becuze the mother is straight forward and dont pull no punches she gets right to the point... I think its time the glace bay office is investigated...

rcs wrote: judy streatch:it is so obvious your employees are not doing the job they are paid to do!**you need to get back to basic business practices and procedures..ill suggest a few tips to you from a common man --rcs.**first- have all employees describe their job descriptions as they understand them..have them list all the things they were hired to do and list all the things they are not doing or are most lax in doing. then have them list why they are not doing the tasks hired to complete.then ask them what they suggest should be done to rectify this situation.this shall shed much necessary light needed to move foreward.the questions should be asked one at a time ,in private with each employee. i do not know how many employees you have but you must either do this yourself or your second in command **if you feel comfortable with him or her**.sit in private with each employee and let them write down the answer to each question and have them sign at the bottom line..then pass out the next question, sign then the next and so on.....try not to give the employees time to communicate with others until the final employee has completed this process.**do not be afraid to "replace "any employee.**.this will send a clear and immediate signal to the employees and to the public........the message is"judy streatch"means to fix the problem very important thing to remember..................!!!!!!never shift the blame to others!!!!!!!!!!the public is sick and tired and fed up with blame shifting....!!!!!you must i repeat must shoulder the entire blame!!!!!!!!do not lollygag on this .get it done immediately and make updates to the public...nothing earth shaking just let folks know judy streatch is working diligently on this major concern.

David fm CH wrote: Although this is a very challenging and often thankless job, we must hold our community services to a high standard, especially when it comes to children. Lets use the recommendations of the auditor to improve the system.

Shell_B_98 wrote: Does not surprise me in the least. Children's aid is a joke most of the time. Please read FB group "father wronged by Children's aid" Sad and true story

melvina wrote: Hopefully there wasn't a dangerous dog prowling around the hospital. It is beyond sad that issues like a child being left alone is ignored (or not dealt with properly) by the powers that be, yet "so called dangerous" dogs are a "hot topic"! Yet another sad day in politics!

bpnormal wrote: Well Well Well colour me surrrrprised.

stephen burke wrote: How can the Minister make a statement none of the childern where in unsafe situation when in the same breath she made the statement "poor record keeping and failure to meet provincial standard's" along with the auditors found alarming errors" After adopting my grandchild that took three years to complete, (granted in another province) the glaring mistakes made where alarming and difficult to process, still bother me today and knowing there are childern and families in the system that are being affected negitivly not only in Nova Scotia but across the country.

sassy wrote: I am shocked a Government worker not investigating cases that are dealing with innocent children why is she able to keep her job.She should be fired and the position given to some one qualified and who will actually take their job serious.

myoppiniononly wrote: Well im glad for the five year old picked up by a police officer and not a pedofile. No investigation?..where was her mother?..why was she left there? INVESTIGATION or if something happens to a child in these circumstances they will wear the blood on their need to be protected !!!!

DUKE wrote: i think the executive director should be fired as he was in charge there ! He was suppose to report this to the minister, she should have to baby sit these people

TheWorldCop wrote: Keep playing and at the same time making money.

tgpebb wrote: Nope. Never left in an unsafe situation. I guess I "don't" recall 2 small children being forgotten by children's services. They were in a physically unsafe home and were reported by the police to children's services. Oddly enough, children's services were "looking" for that family (having lost track of them once), but neglected to follow up on the police report until the family had moved again. This only happened next door to me (having been the one complaining to the police), but obviously my recollection is fuzzy.

Wake Up Canada wrote: What is Judy Streatch talking about, placing Leonard Dorion in supervision? DCS controls Children's Aid Society.They are side contracts for DCS,when DCS took over their territory back in 1998, after the Ceasor Lalo case! And speaking of Leonard Dorion, when two Halifax women took DCS to the Supreme Courts regarding "NOT HAVING A ADVISORY COUNSEL BOARD FOR 10 YEARS",that Judy Streatch [Correction: David Morse was the Minister of Community Services at this time] failed to attend this Court case and placed Leonard Dorion in her [his] place,and guess how he answered all of Graham Steele's [the lawyer for the 2 women] questions,I DON'T KNOW! What does he know and will he turn the other cheek and claim that he doesn't know anything in King's County,in the future? [Actually, the justice was so shocked by the many different ways Leonard Dorion had of wording his avoidance that he kept a running list of the various phrases Leonard used to say "I don't know" - When the justice was summing up he actually read this list out to everyone in court - Too bad Leonard Dorion had not bothered to stay for the rest of the court session because he missed this obvious public humiliation by the justice - After being on the stand, he immediately donned his coat and rushed off]

JohnJon wrote: In Nova Scotia, I don't believe it. How shocking. Yeah right. Who in there right mind wouldn't believe this happened in this province where lack of integrity and honesty is a normal thing. Time to clean house and get rid of these bureacratic imbeciles that run this province. This just goes to show of all the millions of tax dollars that are wasted by these individuals that couldn't run a Lemonade stand let alone a government department. And then we wonder why the debt in this province is so high, while these individuals get paid enormous salaries and perks for a job they can not even do properly in the first place. Time for the people of this province to demand someones head on a silver platter, starting with Robme MacDonald on down.

Wake Up Canada wrote: Judy Streatch already controls the Children's Aid Society folks,their side kick contractors for DCS. DCS took control of Children's Aid Society after the Ceasor Lalo case back in 1998. It's about time people want this department investigated!!!

marti wrote: I totally agree with TEAbbott! Get rid of the embarrassingly inexperienced, incapable Judy Stretch! Taxpayers should be outraged and should get proper service for their hard earned money.

Ahem-ahem wrote: In another front-page story on the NS businessman and IWK volunteer who was caught buying child pornography, the police are quoted as saying, "The child exploitation unit first received information about the case in 2004 but was unable to act sooner because of other complaints it was investigating". Why in heavens name are Nova Scotia children such a low priority?!

scottnhalifax wrote: go figure, i had the a problem with them years ago with false statments from kids, turns out (name removed by moderator) was wrong and told to move on.

Ms M wrote: I feel all Childrens aid departments should be audited. Expecially HRM I have never dealt with so much misinformation and false statements from any government department as I have with Child services in HRM. Nothing is ever noted and nothing is provided in writing. They will blame each other before taking owership of their miscommunication or actions.

from the cape wrote: I find it very hard to believe that DCS has only found out about this from an audit. I am sure that people on the front lines and exec directors aren't as tight lipped as these audits make them appear about the workload and staffing issues that plague child protection across the country. I am sure DCS is not auditing their own agencies and if they did they would likely find more of the same of what they are finding at the children's aid offices. I find it absolutely appalling how the government pretends it knows nothing before the audit and takes no responsibility for the mess they create. There are many problems with DCS and CAS agencies, they are overworked, understaffed, don't have enough experienced workers and don't have the resources to appropriately respond to the problems they are dealing with. Rest assured most people aren't sleeping on their desks in these offices so don't let a few bad apples ruin your perspective on these workers. DCS is doing more of the same, glorifying themselves while making children's aid agencies look really bad. Case and point, this review and the CAS in cape breton takeover. You can't expect people to do an outstanding job if you don't give them the tools to do it. The public should be outraged as they pay for these services. I would hope at the end of the day someone would not leave a child in an unsafe circumstance. But while making sure children are safe when is there time for paperwork ?

douthinkso? wrote: There should be regular check ups on this office especially when your dealing with kids safety.

Reality chick wrote: I am not sure this is a Judy Stretch problem. I can not speak to her abilities in this area, but I would think that anyone who is given such an important job as ensuring that children are safe and cared for, as those employed in Family and Children Services, should not need to have a babysitter to ensure they are doing their job. I know what would happen in my work if I (or anyone else) were not performing as expected - we would be dismissed. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a child left standing outside of a hospital alone, is a child at risk. I would question the abilities of those employed within this department.

endlessdaze wrote: No time for paper work? What about dictation and trans-scribing it...forwarding to superiors...those in the position to ensure that ALL results have reached the next level...Works for never see them far away from their little pocket recorders that then goes directly to the appropriate computer, where it is dealt with and passed a live body with a brain whose job it is to ensure this happens. Try it, apparently it works.

The Rat wrote: what a joke she runs Community Services!!! she can't even run her own household!!! her son smashing up a government vechice! she should be canned!!!!

kingscountyvictim wrote: I hope Bob Myles and his staff are scrutinized for what they've done. They ruined my life over a false allogation.

reklaw wrote: It is very unfortunate the government is not taking responsibility for the actions of workers they manage. What is also very unfortunate is the number of people who abuse our systems and require follow up by case workers that could be working on serious threats to childrens safety. In this day in age, whenever a childs welfare is in danger & nothing is done to protect the child, everyone is to blame. Anyone directly involved with the child who chooses to ignore the obvious all the way up to the minister herself.

jdubya wrote: Hence the adage: 'Social Services does it's job, there won't be a job for social services to do'. And once again the #1 job priority of a social worker: Make sure there is work for social workers.

Kerianne wrote: It is true, the errors found in the audit are definately 'alarming', however, I think that stating Mrs. Streatch can't control her own family simply because her son had an accident in her government vehicle is a little outrageous. I can only speculate that the person who made that comment doesn't have any children. Because if they did, they would know that even the most stable, loving, healthy family in the world is still prone to a car accident or two by one of their teenagers.

john_peters29 wrote: Congratulations Judy Streatch on continuing to successfully destroy the reputation of aid societies around Nova Scotia. I cannot commend you enough for finally deciding to make an appearance to audit these agencies after these audits have been MIA for almost ten years. I’m ecstatic to know that social workers will now be more concerned with paper work than actually taking action about child protection. The number of under-staffed agencies in this province is revolting and the high caseloads are unacceptable which is why, perhaps, your department is so eager to jump at the chance to put the blame on these agencies that have been mostly privately run until two years ago, instead of looking within the larger department to find the cause. Obviously, there going to be uncrossed T's and undotted I's when there are a small number of workers for the high number of demands within a large area. Goodluck with this band-aid approach - but it can only stick for so long.

goldie wrote: Folks: This is not an audit in the real sense. This is an audit done by silly sevants themselves!! Would be interesting to know what really happened to get a review going. This children's aid agency is out of King's where they have "secret courts" [provincial Family courts with provincially appointed judges] - no one is allowed in the courts so, they do what ever they want! Here in Halifax we have an open family court at least, even though they try to keep you out, it is open. [ Supreme Court Family Division with federally appointed justices - this system was suppose to be extended all across the province but it started AND STOPPED with Halifax and Cape Breton in 1998, I believe, - The people of this province need to push our politicians to get this open court system extended throughout this province. Anyone has the right to go into court and sit in on any Childen Services case on Halifax and Cape Breton -Do not bother even asking - the court officials lied to us about our ability to do so when we asked BUT when we started walking in they could do nothing to stop us because that was our right and once we knew our right, they could not stop us ] Judy Streatch is breaking the law by refusing to put in place the Annual Review Commmittee for the Children and Family Services Act, and she knows it, and so do a lot of other people! This committee is to be set up with two parent representatives on it to report to the government on the workings of the Act. The Committee has been high-jacked by appointees who are government employees. The parents are rarely appointed, even though qualified parents have applied to be on the committee.The committee has not been working for more than ten years! There is no place where parents can go once child protection gets involved with the family. The lies,distortions, harassment and harm are a terror for the child and the family. Children of Nova Scotia are being harmed everyday by the actions of the very agency put in place to help them. Young teens are acting out with violence against what has happened to them once child protection attaches itself to their family. There are cases after cases in the courts and reported in the newspaper every week. Child protection hides the corruption behind "confidentiallity" to keep it hidden from the public.Take a visit to Devonshire Court to see for yourself. The whole child protection deal needs an INDEPENDENT AUDIT!!

caper70 wrote: Where was Judy Streatch when all this was happening? oh right she was "out for Ice Cream"!!

Heatherdee wrote: Community Services has to be the most troubled department in any province, but especially this one. There are some pretty messed up people out there experiencing some pretty desperate times, some they bring on themselves and some they don't. I trust the Minister will be taking measures to correct some of the damage so people, families can heal.

The Rat wrote: To Kerianne : Obviously you didn't read what I wrote -"government vehicle"; her son never should have been driving it!!!! The problem with Politicians is they are like diapers, they are full of .... and should be changed frequently! Half the time you have Ministers that have zero experience in the Dept. they are they rely on the "experts" that run the depts. like the executive Director. Lets look at Corrections for an example Fred Honsburger the executive Director stated in the paper that inmates eat in the dining hall and there isn't one in Burnside; so this is the bigger question -how are the Politicains to know what is going on when the "experts" they rely on in each dept. are idiots??? I'm sure there is some fool in upper management in Community services that has been telling the Minister all along that everything is running GREAT;) and yes I have kids

matt409 wrote: this great system of ours i'm still waiting for a dog to be removed from babies mothers house - dog already bit the baby once - guess they want the dog to eat her first -what else can i do they won't do nothing

scorned wrote: The only way to get this government to do anything is through public humiliation. [First: for humiliation to work, one must have the ability to feel shame - these bureaucrats are adept, habitual liars who feel no shame - Second: one has to be around to hear the public humiliation - As mentioned above, when the justice publiclly humiliated Leonard Dorion, he was not even there - I was - And I remember thinking the lawyers for the government will probably not even tell Leonard Dorion that he had been publically shamed in court.] And you can bet that even then, folks who failed to do their jobs correctly still won't be fired. The Old Boys Club runs the show in NS, and they look out for each other.

applejack wrote: While I agree that government run agencies are often sorely lacking in their accountability. What all of you have failed to get from this story is that at the time of the audit the Kings County's children's aid office was not being run by the government but was a privately run agency. [ What you do not understand is that the Minister was still responsible for the private agencies - actually the Minister is more directly responsible for the private agencies because they are suppose to report directly to her ! ] As a result of the findings in this recent audit it is now being taken over by the Dept of Community Services. Will things be run any better with this change? that remains to be seen. However one is left to wonder if it could be any worse. With the 'alarming errors' that were uncovered one must also wonder why Robert Myles executive director at the time,would still be employed with an agency in charge of the welfare of our children ? is he not accountable for what happened under his watch?

goldie wrote: Applejack: There is no accountabiity only cover-up in this child protection business. Families are being destroyed by this government run business. It's a money making deal with no or very little interst in helping families. As soon as childrens aid gets involved, the children are labelled "special needs", all of them. Why, so child protection/government can apply for disability payments for each and everyone of the kids they have in care. Child tax benefit credits - where does that go - back to the government?? The child tax benefit credit should be in a trust for the child available for the child when they age out of the sytem. You have hundreds of kids-14, 15, 16 year olds out on the street trying to break free of the system that has destroyed them. Just walk down Spring Garden Road and check it out for yourself. We are allowing this government to do this to our families and children by not finding out what is happening and by allowing it to continue.

nano wrote: Goldie is right...what we have is government investigating itself...this inherently precludes accountability and ONLY conceals the corruption that is pervasive in this doubt Judy Streatch should be terminated from employment as she refuses to acknowledge the problems with the child protection system and is contravening the CFS Act herself with impunity...

lugubrious wrote: I find the comments attributed to the former president of the Kings County aid society’s volunteer board of directors, Kentville Police Chief Mark Mander, toward the audit of the agency are disturbing. He WAS the president of the board of directors, wasn't he? "Informing"? "Process based"? Dotting i's and crossing t's? Why did the board need to be "informed" by the audit? Did they not know that violent parents or drug using parents were being labelled as low risk caregivers? Is this the "process" he's referring to? Maybe it's the process that led the board to be uninformed as to what was happening to the children under their care. Who would know? Maybe instead if i's and t's and dotting or crossing, he should be concerned with the grammatical problem when "...a worker labelled a high-risk sex offender in "a parenting role" with children as an "’unsuitable association’" rather than "risk of sexual abuse...." Comparing putting a child under the direct care of of a high risk sex offender with grammatical errors is disgusting. How about "...a parent designated high-risk whom the office allowed to resume an unsupervised caregiving role, without appropriately deciding whether the children were still at risk...." Mr. Mander did not want to comment on this type of audit finding. Perhaps he could compare this to using a singular instead of a plural, or a typo. The fact that Mr. Mander would make such comments (or lack thereof) in a newspaper article about an agency that he was directly responsible for says a lot about his commitment to the position. Apparently he is more concerned about covering his own behind than the behinds of the children who were in danger. The BOARD decided within the "last month" to integrate into the department? They probably had lots of choice after the audit..... Mr. Mander should just admit the board and those they oversaw just screwed up. There is no room for political cowardice when it comes to ensuring the safety and welfare of children. At least he had the nerve to make some ill chosen comments. Where is Robert Myles, the executive director at the time of the audit? Well, at least we know that he wasn't fired. "...Community Services Minister Judy Streatch said the audit findings were troubling. But despite the problems, she said no children were left in unsafe situations...." How does the Minister know this? Later in the article, it said: "...a parent designated high-risk whom the office allowed to resume an unsupervised caregiving role, without appropriately deciding whether the children were still at risk...." If it was not decided appropriately if there was a risk or not, how do you know the children were safe in an unsupervised environment? The Minister's comments are ridiculous! Well done Mr. Mander, Mr. Myles and Minister Streatch. The children of Kings County are grateful for your political efforts on their behalf. Thank heaven for auditors.

Alain wrote: A very complex series of situations. You can only do the best you can. I wish them continued success in what is often a very difficult and challenging field.

CapeHalifax wrote: One expects an audit to find deficiencies ? Holy cow dude could you be more blasé ? I guess as long as your paycheque is still coming in there is nothing to worry about. Whose brother-in-law is this guy ? What a pitiful state this province's affairs are in.

Raoul Duke wrote: I feel there is an awful lot of information missing pertinent to this particular case, however, the simple fact thet Community Services is performing an internal audit is very unsettling. This audit should be administered by the NS Ombudsman's office. Quite frankly, an internal audit presents an opportunity to clean up the mistakes quickly and quietly, and without informing the general public. Here in Halifax, Children's Aid/Child Protective Services/Family and Children's Service already operates under the umbrella of the Dept. Of Community Services and am a little concerned it isn't that way provincewide. Our family has had to deal with Children's Aid recently, and I would love to have our case audited, as there are a great many issues that we had to overcome and I would sleep easier at night knowing that our family wasn't used as a means of an inexperienced newbie worker trying to justify her own personal agenda. I've been told directly that the only persons that Child Protection workers have to answer to and account for their actions is the Office of the Ombudsman. FWIW... they are now called Child Protective Services so they don't actually have to be responsible for the children, but as a means of punishing the parents/adults/guardians involved in cases. In my day... teens didn't hold a lot of respect for the law, but we certainly respected our parents (in general), which was enough to keep the majority on a path to becoming successful adults.
singlemommy wrote:I am writing to you to let you know that I have read this article and I am very upset by some of the things said in it. It has been stated that the office was not doing their job. I have to agree with that statement whole heartedly. I went to the department 2 yrs ago when my 5 yr old daughter came home from her weekend visits with her father. She informed me that her father and his girlfriend at that time were drinking and driving with her in the vehicle and he had thrown a beer can at the girlfriend while she was driving and nothing was done about this. They told me to contact the police which I did. The police told me they couldn't do anything with out instructions from Family and Children's Services. I called them back and told them that. I got a complete runaround during that time. The following summer the same issue came up again, again I called the office and told them what my daughter was telling me again, again I got the same runaround. How can they make a statement saying no child was left in an "unsafe situation" when I was telling them that my daughter's life was in danger? I am very, very, upset by this article. what were these people doing when I was asking them to help protect my daughter?

valley gurl wrote: we recently made calls to family and childrens re concerns of a 2 year old's witnessing violence...ah let's see now.. that was about a month ago we have yet to hear from them.and we were told on the phone they don't get involved in child custody cases.....hello!!!Mom is forced to deal with the abuser regularly during acess scheduled and agreed to [by parents and by the court.]and has no recourse when he becomes abusive at those times,,and yes police have been called...[ we are still waiting to hear from them as well]follow up???? guess we will have to wait untill something really bad occurs ,then folks will want to know why we didn't see the signs /or do something about it earlier....

Ocean Beach-California wrote: Bingo! Now it's coming together! There's more to this story than meets the eye. When a woman, we'll call, Leslie made a complaint to the police department about the Kings County child protection agency, the police department refused to take the complaint!! NO WONDER - THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD WAS THE POLICE CHIEF!! How convenient is that?? The same thing with Larry and Carline when they made their complaint to the police department, they refused to take it, the same thing with Ali,the police refused to take the complaint. We need an independent audit of the whole child protection business!! What's going on with child protection needs to be unravelled AND NOW! This is no AUDIT! It's nothing more that what should be done by any organization - it's called supervision and it should be done on a regular basis. This smacks of corruption and at the least CONFLICT OF INTEREST. HUM! wonder what the conflict of interest commissioner would be willing to do about this and others like it?

Ocean Beach-California wrote: Hi Folks, Read this when you have the time. Finally someone has got it right! If these children of the sect were abused by the men, then it is the men who need to be apprehended or arrested, NOT THE CHILDREN. The children are the victims and have been traumtized by the very agency put in place to help them. They will need professional help to get over this. The same thing goes on here in Nova Scotia with child protection. This business needs to be looked at for what it is. The theory, if there is a theory, is wrong. The ones that are doing the harm to the children need to be made accountable. What we have here in Nova Scotia for child protection is bringing harm to children. We need to agency to see what is actually happening to the children. Children in our society are acting out with violence and self destructive behaviors as a result of what has happened to them once child protection becomes involved in their lives. This needs to be changed. Child protection needs to be made accountable for the harm they are doing to children and society as a whole. US May 23, 2008 Court Says Texas Illegally Seized Sect's Children

nano wrote:Ocean Beach-California is right on...what we have is government auditing itself...this inherently precludes accountability and conceals the corruption that is pervasive in this doubt Judy Streatch should be terminated from employment as she refuses to acknowledge the problems with the child protection system and is contravening the CFS Act with impunity...