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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

“‘Tis strange – but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.” - British poet Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron)

A lot of evidence concerning abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS and the various related government departments and non-government organizations (NGOs) has surfaced in both the U.S. and Canada - yet, over the years, nothing changed.

This indicated that there was a larger more powerful connection at play. It did not take long to find this bigger connection. However, in the early years, there were few people who would accept the reality of these larger global connections.

Most people do not want to believe that corruption and abuse against innocent families and children exists in Canada and the U.S.. They need to feel a sense of security in the society they live in, and that need is so great that most people will prefer to believe a lie rather than face the truth. They want to believe that such things only exist in third world countries !

Understanding that even the basics of the wickedness in Nova Scotia, Canada was hard for most people to accept, we originally limited the information we posted to local concerns. This way, at least, we hoped that we could begin educating Nova Scotians about the reality of abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS.

However, it broke our hearts to find testimonies from parent groups throughout North America and beyond who had worked years to inform the public and had attemped to change the system, as we had, with no success. They were frustrated and did not understand why, despite all the evidence that had come forward, nothing was done, nothing changed.

We felt they were owed an explanation, so, hopefully, now is the time for people to hear and accept the "Bigger Global Picture".

The powerful connections that are responsible for abusing our innocent families and children go to the highest levels that hides behind secrecy and secret organizations.
Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people." ~ H. G. Wells (1939)

Finally alternate media, first hand testimonies from people coming out of these evil organizations, and countless politicians began now declaring openly the plan for a New World Order and a one world government. Because of this, it is hoped that people will accept the evidence we are now posting concerning this evil global connection. Please view topics under "Bigger Picture" , "Agenda 21" , "Democracy Destroyed" etc .

Because of the push to form a One World Government, we are all connected in our struggle. What is being done elsewhere is being, or will be, done to us because it is the same global power which is working towards the destruction of our families and our children worldwide - And the corruption in Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS is is just one of the instruments they use to achieve this goal.

Thus far there are at least 8 powers that are struggling for this one world domination: the Illuminati, Communism, the Vatican, the Masons, the Islam extremists (understand these Islam extremists are killing fellow Islamic people who do not agree with their extreme views) and India, China, and Russia. They all use and manipulate each other but, ultimately, each wants ultimate control.

In the Christian Bible, it is prophesied that an evil Anti-Christ will set up a one World government utilizing a one world religion where all the people of the world will eventually be forced to worship him alone. It is difficult, at this time, to determine, for certain, if this Anti-Christ raises up from any of the 8 powers mentioned above or elsewhere. Please link here if you are interested in learning more about the Anti- Christ.

Over the years, we have seen the voice of the people shut down: Newspapers, and Radio stations, that were willing to write and broadcast critical articles and interviews against Children Services/CPS and government folded. And radio/media personalities, who allowed people to speak out against Children Services/CPS and the government, lost their jobs or were heavily curtailed.

Both the US and Canada have passed laws to remove our right and freedoms, including free speech: the Patriot Act, numerous Executive Orders nullifying the US Constitution. The latest US government grab for power is the NSAA that would allow the US government to put any US citizen in indefinate detention without charges or a trial.

Oath Keepers (military police and sheriffs loyal to the US Constitution - ready to defend the people against enemies "foreign or domestic" ) and some congress people, senators and US States have also taken a stand. Even concerned individuals have gone to the courts to fight the NSAA.

We believe the internet, as we know it, soon will be limited. Eventually internet use will be removed completely from the hands of the people. The time is short. The time to get this information out is now. No one is immune from the abuse of Children Services /New World Order/Agenda 21 etc. The victims can be your family, your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews etc.

You cannot move away from this threat - It is global !You must not put your head in the sand! - There is a global plan to destroy the family unit and physical, sexual and mental abuse is an essential part of Trauma-Based Mind Control, one of the many mind control programs used by this global system to destroy our children. They are also using the more insidious Neuro Linquistic Programing (NLP) to alter people's value system. But the current and planned use of Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control which can be used on people in mass is the most alarming of all ! Please view the many topics on this site under the title MIND CONTROL.

They want our children to rebel against us. They want the new generation to view the "state" as their parent.

But worse than all this, they want to kill off most of the people on this planet, and all under the guise of environmentally saving the planet. We have been declared the enemy - They openly state that we, and our children must be sacrificed for the greater good.

If this sounds extreme to you then it is because you have not been paying attention to the world events that are unfolding before your very eyes. You have been lulled into ignorance and apathy. The expansion of sports and sports arenas, the addiction to various social networks, the focus on celebraties on so called "news" shows. This has all been designed to placate the masses and to get your focus off politics and the changes that are being done to you and your family. Your attention has also been diverted to worrying about the economy and an "enemy" that shifts and changes to suit the political manipulating whims of a small powerful elite. - and this spell has been caste over you "by design". The people in the highest realm of this global power call us "stupid sheep", and we are being lead to the slaughter !

You must wake up NOW! Time is VERY short ! I suggest you start with the several topics listed under "Agenda 21" :

1. AGENDA 21/ Sustainable Development Explained: North America - US - Canada - Nova Scotia (It is recommended that you read this 1st)

2. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 1
(They want to kill us, You should question, Vaccines, Fluoride, Water, GMOs, Chemtrails, Morgellons - GMO/Chemtrail desease.

3. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 2
(Morgellons, Meat, Aspartame, No home gardens, Planned vitamin, mineral and organic food ban, Smart meters, Cancer cures, Pollution free energy and cars, Abortion, After birth abortion, Denying medical care, Killing our own troops, Gun control)

4. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 1
(States, Governors, Sheriffs, )

5. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 2
(Militia, Military, Whistleblowers)

6. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: The Bigger picture



If we do not WAKE UP, fight back, and win then you need to seriously prepare yourself and your family for, incarceration without trial, torture, persecution, and even death.

Did you know that Obama has declared Christians to be "potential domestic terrorists"? - Especially those who believe in the promised Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who, as it happens, according to the Bible, comes to put a stop to an evil one world government.

Maybe some of these Christians and Messianic Jews know something that is very important for these times and perhaps we should pay attention to what their holy books have to say about the "End Times" "End of the Age" etc. (the 3 1/2 to 7 years just before the return of Yeshua Ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Messiah or Anointed One.

For those who want to check this out, please LINK HERE (scroll down to topic list on the right) . Beautiful pictures, fab songs, great testimonies from ex- satanists, ex-witches, ex-illuminati, ex-islamists, Christ believing Jews, etc, archeological evidence for Biblical events and most important scriptures to help you, encourage you and guide you.

May you find the path to the Creator of the heaven and earth. He foresaw these days (view topics on the "End Times" in the link above) we are living in right now and He has instructed us clearly on what we must do and what we are NOT to do. ( "The Mark of the Beast" View all scriptures on this subject HERE Revelation 13: 11-17, 14: 9-11, 16: 2, 19:20, 20:4 . Acceptance of the mark is not a matter to be taken lightly. The Bible states that anyone who accepts the mark, that one must have to buy or sell, denies Christ in favor of a false god. This decision, once made, is irrevocable, and the consequences are everlasting. - ( LINK HERE to read in context with fab pictures and music)

Get yourselves educated. Get familiar with the law and the illegal and unconstituional actions of your government . Educate yourselves about the New World Order and Agenda 21. Get vocal with the government to protect your family and children. Get into the family court and bear witness to what is going on in the name of "justice".
Above written by - Reverend Niemoeller, a German Lutheran pastor who was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to the concentration camp Dachau in 1938.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

26. A Mother’s Heartache - The Shame of the NS Government continues

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A Mother’s Heartache

The Shame of the NS Government Continues

This is an update to the 2003(4 ) newspaper article Boy charged in school bus beating headed for U.S. boot camp - He is one of our many children who have been Shipped off to Utah . See the original article with the newspaper article at this hyperlink !

This young man is a prime example of the government's failure to provide adequate and proper services to families and children. For Shame ! - People of Nova Scotia, we must demand better from our government!

A Mother’s Heartache

Her little boy's life started out happily enough. But at the tender age of 10, when he lost both his dog and his dad, his world changed forever.

By TERA CAMUS Cape Breton Bureau 5:09 AM
Halifax Herald August 5, 2007

A Sydney mother looks at old baby photographs, wondering what went so terribly wrong. Her 15-year-old son has been charged in a double stabbing. (Tera Camus / Cape Breton Bureau)

A MOTHER IS on the phone with her son at the Waterville youth detention centre, calmly telling him not to commit suicide.

"He feels unwanted; he feels rejected," the Sydney woman says after he ends the call. "I think he’s going to try and kill himself. I don’t know what to do."

Neither the 15-year-old, who was charged after two men were stabbed in Truro last Sunday, nor his mother can be named under the terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

His mom reaches across the kitchen table, opens a family album and starts showing pictures of happier times with her three children. The boy’s sweet face lights up with a bright smile in photos with his older sister and younger brother.

"All three of my children were happy-go-lucky kids," she says in an interview as she flips through the images of the youngsters dressed in Superman capes or as Halloween pumpkins, or opening Christmas presents in a well-kept, modest home.

"He loved my pots and was always climbing into them . . . but he was hyperactive." His mom recalls times when he was as young as three that he ran out of the house into the woods of Indian Brook or to visit the community’s lone church to play.

But his lively, innocent ways ended the year he turned 10.

In 2001, the boy’s beloved dog was killed in front of him by a vehicle in his hometown. In a matter of weeks, his biological father, whom he loved and spent a great deal of time with, failed to return to his Indian Brook home after a fishing trip. Six days later, on June 1, Enfield RCMP pulled his father’s body from the Shubenacadie River.

"He blames himself for that death," his mother says. "He was supposed to go fishing with him in the Shubie River, and I think he feels if he was there he could have saved his father.

"He began acting out a lot. . . . That’s when he started drinking and taking drugs like marijuana and popping pills like Dilaudid (a painkiller) and skipping school. He started hanging out with the wrong crew, fighting his brother. A doctor in Tatamagouche then put him on Paxil (an antidepressant), and I think that drug made him even worse.

"I remember him telling me it was his worst birthday ever. He got suspended 15 times at school that year. . . . He got so angry."

The downward cycle continued. A couple of months later, an elderly friend of the family he considered his grandfather died of natural causes, heaping more pain on the boy. Then his mom’s marriage began to fall apart; her husband heaped on the abuse, swearing and threats, against both her and the children.

One night, when her husband was out and she was lying in bed recovering from stomach surgery, an intruder wielding a broken beer bottle broke into their home demanding money.

The elder boy and his eight-year-old brother grabbed a rake and shovel and drove the man out of the house while she called RCMP. The man, a parole violator, was arrested soon afterward and later convicted of charges related to the break-in.

All the pain and heartache in her home was too much for over-stressed mother to deal with. On one particularly difficult day, when her increasingly troubled elder son was "out of control" and refusing even to get up for school, she decided to seek help from Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services [Always a fateful mistake -NEVER go to Children Services for help!] , a provincial agency created in 1997 to provide child welfare services to all 13 reserves across the province.

"I told the agency, ‘Come get him or I’ll hurt him.’ I said he needs counselling I can’t give," she remembers of the phone call she still regrets to this day. "He was so out of control. I was so stressed that day. I said, that’s it, I’m calling the agency. I said I’d harm him, but I didn’t mean it. There was just so much chaos around me."

Agency staff arrived at her Indian Brook home and threatened to remove all three of her children if she didn’t give up permanent custody of the boy about whom she had made verbal threats during that phone call. So it was that in 2003 she and her other two children found themselves in Waycobah, living at a shelter for abused women and children.

Although she has kept in touch with her son since then, he has been shunted from foster homes to group homes after first going to stay at a relative’s home. In those four years, she says, he has been to school for only a few days. [Unfortunately, this is all too common for many children who have been apprehended by the government!]

His mom says his has never received psychiatric counselling or treatment and that he has continued to buck the system everywhere he went, disobeying the rules in the places where he lived, many of them non-native homes.

"How can the agency get away with not sending him to school?" she says. "If I wanted a gangster, I would have married a mobster."

She believes that at one foster home there was rampant alcohol and drug abuse and that her son was also sexually abused, but she can’t prove it and her son hasn’t acknowledged anything.

A month ago, she says, the agency was told her son had expressed a serious desire to stab someone — anyone. To the best of her knowledge, nothing was done to get him psychological help to prevent that.

Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services was contacted Friday and asked about the warning, but a spokeswoman refused to comment, given the agency’s rule of confidentiality concerning children in their care.

"Everything is done on a case-by-case basis," she said. "The goal is (that) we want to preserve the family, but it may not be a safe environment for the child." [and were this child was sent was?]
It was not the first mention of this boy in connection with stabbing. He was only 12 when he sent to Waterville in 2004 for threatening another boy with a knife on school property in Yarmouth, where he was living in a group home.

"You think they would have helped him back then, but they didn’t," his mom says.

The frustrated mother says she has been trying to get her son back for years. She plans to go to court to try to get custody of him again, but she feels time is running out. She’s afraid her son will continue to fall through the cracks. She recalls the phone conversation and wonders whether he will even be alive to be reunited with her, should she win her battle.

"The system has failed him," she says. "I don’t do drugs or alcohol. . . . I don’t understand why I have to fight to get him back."

Her son will be back in court Thursday for a bail hearing on charges of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon after the double stabbing outside a Truro restaurant July 29. The Halifax-area victims, 26 and 28, received non-life-threatening injuries after they were attacked by three teens.

He was the only one charged.