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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

“‘Tis strange – but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction.” - British poet Lord Byron (George Gordon Byron)

A lot of evidence concerning abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS and the various related government departments and non-government organizations (NGOs) has surfaced in both the U.S. and Canada - yet, over the years, nothing changed.

This indicated that there was a larger more powerful connection at play. It did not take long to find this bigger connection. However, in the early years, there were few people who would accept the reality of these larger global connections.

Most people do not want to believe that corruption and abuse against innocent families and children exists in Canada and the U.S.. They need to feel a sense of security in the society they live in, and that need is so great that most people will prefer to believe a lie rather than face the truth. They want to believe that such things only exist in third world countries !

Understanding that even the basics of the wickedness in Nova Scotia, Canada was hard for most people to accept, we originally limited the information we posted to local concerns. This way, at least, we hoped that we could begin educating Nova Scotians about the reality of abuse and corruption connected with Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS.

However, it broke our hearts to find testimonies from parent groups throughout North America and beyond who had worked years to inform the public and had attemped to change the system, as we had, with no success. They were frustrated and did not understand why, despite all the evidence that had come forward, nothing was done, nothing changed.

We felt they were owed an explanation, so, hopefully, now is the time for people to hear and accept the "Bigger Global Picture".

The powerful connections that are responsible for abusing our innocent families and children go to the highest levels that hides behind secrecy and secret organizations.
Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people." ~ H. G. Wells (1939)

Finally alternate media, first hand testimonies from people coming out of these evil organizations, and countless politicians began now declaring openly the plan for a New World Order and a one world government. Because of this, it is hoped that people will accept the evidence we are now posting concerning this evil global connection. Please view topics under "Bigger Picture" , "Agenda 21" , "Democracy Destroyed" etc .

Because of the push to form a One World Government, we are all connected in our struggle. What is being done elsewhere is being, or will be, done to us because it is the same global power which is working towards the destruction of our families and our children worldwide - And the corruption in Children's Aid/Children Services/CPS is is just one of the instruments they use to achieve this goal.

Thus far there are at least 8 powers that are struggling for this one world domination: the Illuminati, Communism, the Vatican, the Masons, the Islam extremists (understand these Islam extremists are killing fellow Islamic people who do not agree with their extreme views) and India, China, and Russia. They all use and manipulate each other but, ultimately, each wants ultimate control.

In the Christian Bible, it is prophesied that an evil Anti-Christ will set up a one World government utilizing a one world religion where all the people of the world will eventually be forced to worship him alone. It is difficult, at this time, to determine, for certain, if this Anti-Christ raises up from any of the 8 powers mentioned above or elsewhere. Please link here if you are interested in learning more about the Anti- Christ.

Over the years, we have seen the voice of the people shut down: Newspapers, and Radio stations, that were willing to write and broadcast critical articles and interviews against Children Services/CPS and government folded. And radio/media personalities, who allowed people to speak out against Children Services/CPS and the government, lost their jobs or were heavily curtailed.

Both the US and Canada have passed laws to remove our right and freedoms, including free speech: the Patriot Act, numerous Executive Orders nullifying the US Constitution. The latest US government grab for power is the NSAA that would allow the US government to put any US citizen in indefinate detention without charges or a trial.

Oath Keepers (military police and sheriffs loyal to the US Constitution - ready to defend the people against enemies "foreign or domestic" ) and some congress people, senators and US States have also taken a stand. Even concerned individuals have gone to the courts to fight the NSAA.

We believe the internet, as we know it, soon will be limited. Eventually internet use will be removed completely from the hands of the people. The time is short. The time to get this information out is now. No one is immune from the abuse of Children Services /New World Order/Agenda 21 etc. The victims can be your family, your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews etc.

You cannot move away from this threat - It is global !You must not put your head in the sand! - There is a global plan to destroy the family unit and physical, sexual and mental abuse is an essential part of Trauma-Based Mind Control, one of the many mind control programs used by this global system to destroy our children. They are also using the more insidious Neuro Linquistic Programing (NLP) to alter people's value system. But the current and planned use of Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control which can be used on people in mass is the most alarming of all ! Please view the many topics on this site under the title MIND CONTROL.

They want our children to rebel against us. They want the new generation to view the "state" as their parent.

But worse than all this, they want to kill off most of the people on this planet, and all under the guise of environmentally saving the planet. We have been declared the enemy - They openly state that we, and our children must be sacrificed for the greater good.

If this sounds extreme to you then it is because you have not been paying attention to the world events that are unfolding before your very eyes. You have been lulled into ignorance and apathy. The expansion of sports and sports arenas, the addiction to various social networks, the focus on celebraties on so called "news" shows. This has all been designed to placate the masses and to get your focus off politics and the changes that are being done to you and your family. Your attention has also been diverted to worrying about the economy and an "enemy" that shifts and changes to suit the political manipulating whims of a small powerful elite. - and this spell has been caste over you "by design". The people in the highest realm of this global power call us "stupid sheep", and we are being lead to the slaughter !

You must wake up NOW! Time is VERY short ! I suggest you start with the several topics listed under "Agenda 21" :

1. AGENDA 21/ Sustainable Development Explained: North America - US - Canada - Nova Scotia (It is recommended that you read this 1st)

2. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 1
(They want to kill us, You should question, Vaccines, Fluoride, Water, GMOs, Chemtrails, Morgellons - GMO/Chemtrail desease.

3. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Population Cut/ Cull (kill) Part 2
(Morgellons, Meat, Aspartame, No home gardens, Planned vitamin, mineral and organic food ban, Smart meters, Cancer cures, Pollution free energy and cars, Abortion, After birth abortion, Denying medical care, Killing our own troops, Gun control)

4. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 1
(States, Governors, Sheriffs, )

5. AGENDA 21/ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Pushback - People are waking up Part 2
(Militia, Military, Whistleblowers)

6. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: The Bigger picture



If we do not WAKE UP, fight back, and win then you need to seriously prepare yourself and your family for, incarceration without trial, torture, persecution, and even death.

Did you know that Obama has declared Christians to be "potential domestic terrorists"? - Especially those who believe in the promised Second Coming of Jesus Christ, who, as it happens, according to the Bible, comes to put a stop to an evil one world government.

Maybe some of these Christians and Messianic Jews know something that is very important for these times and perhaps we should pay attention to what their holy books have to say about the "End Times" "End of the Age" etc. (the 3 1/2 to 7 years just before the return of Yeshua Ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Messiah or Anointed One.

For those who want to check this out, please LINK HERE (scroll down to topic list on the right) . Beautiful pictures, fab songs, great testimonies from ex- satanists, ex-witches, ex-illuminati, ex-islamists, Christ believing Jews, etc, archeological evidence for Biblical events and most important scriptures to help you, encourage you and guide you.

May you find the path to the Creator of the heaven and earth. He foresaw these days (view topics on the "End Times" in the link above) we are living in right now and He has instructed us clearly on what we must do and what we are NOT to do. ( "The Mark of the Beast" View all scriptures on this subject HERE Revelation 13: 11-17, 14: 9-11, 16: 2, 19:20, 20:4 . Acceptance of the mark is not a matter to be taken lightly. The Bible states that anyone who accepts the mark, that one must have to buy or sell, denies Christ in favor of a false god. This decision, once made, is irrevocable, and the consequences are everlasting. - ( LINK HERE to read in context with fab pictures and music)

Get yourselves educated. Get familiar with the law and the illegal and unconstituional actions of your government . Educate yourselves about the New World Order and Agenda 21. Get vocal with the government to protect your family and children. Get into the family court and bear witness to what is going on in the name of "justice".
Above written by - Reverend Niemoeller, a German Lutheran pastor who was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to the concentration camp Dachau in 1938.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

11. System Can't Deal with Teens: Many Sent out of Province

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System can’t deal with teens:(response to newspaper article below)
Many sent out of province for treatment, crash inquiry hears

Yes Brian Hayes - you got it right! BUT I encourage the local media to keep on digging - There's lots of dirt to go around!

See the blog we posted May 14th, 2006 Their Shipping Our Children to Utah .

So how many children over how many years have been sent out of province? How long were they gone? We know some that were gone at least 2 years. Did they all indeed come back? Should we trust what these officials tell us?

Mr Savory states that there are 2,000 children in the care of Community Services - While, for those who have been reading this site, we know there is a difference between Children's Aid/Family and Children Services and Community Services and you will soon learn Foster Care as well. So, we ask, what are the full stats for all children who have been apprehended in Nova Scotia? - (Watch this site - We will be talking stats soon enough)

Also, Mr Savory states that "in many cases the kids parents have given up on them." But we have learned from experience, that you need to listen very carefully to what these officials are saying- they are smooth.

For instance we ask, what exactly does "many" mean ? What percentage of children were taken from their parents after a struggle in court? - How many are still struggling in court? How many parents felt forced to give up their children to get the services the Children and Family Services Act 1990 states they are suppose to get in their own family setting because the system stated they could only give these services if the children were in "care" - ( finally, the public is starting to see what a sham this has been.) And how many parents signed their children over for temporary care only to find that their children were taken into permanent care.

And Linda Smith - Give your head a shake and get with the program!

Smith states “a community approach would be unsuccessful” - Well look up -way - way up . . . . . . well just four paragraphs up - “the new law emphases dealing with troubled teens in the community

This is law Ms Smith - we suggest you get with the program and follow it!

And Mr. Savory’s excuse? “the department failed to expand its services and programs

No, Mr. Savory, the Children and Services Act lists a number of services that should be given to children and parents to prevent these children going into care to begin with and the only 2 Advisory Committees that reviewed this act and its implementation met in 1993 and 1996 and both included in their report a letter from Justice Deborah Gass that asked the question - where are the services that the Children and Family Services Act is suppose to be based on?

And Alyson Muzzerall you bemoan that "we’re not miracle workers." - Well, let us tell you this - If the system is going to criticize the parents of these children and then rip the children away without providing healing services - YOU HAD BETTER BE MIRACLE WORKERS! - And stop shipping our children out of province!

We have also heard the inside scoop from some of the youth who have been aprehended. They inform us the the Wood Street facility in Truro is used as a threat to get them to tow the line in trivial matters or even matters concerning their basic rights. And they have already figured out how to play the game to get themselves out as soon as possible.

Lastly - Words of Wisdom about staying at home with your own family, from J, the boy featured on the CBC National presentation Finding Normal who was was in the system for 15 months in Ontario (see previous posting):

"You can learn a lot more … where people actually want to teach you and where you have friends to encourage you and stuff to play with you have a stronger urge to learn,"

System can’t deal with teens
Many sent out of province for treatment, crash inquiry hears
By BRIAN HAYES Court Reporter
May17, 2006, Halifax Herald

Nova Scotia is sending many of its troubled teens out of province for long-term treatment for mental illness and behavioural problems.

George Savoury, senior director of family and community supports with the Community Services Department, said Tuesday there are now about 25 young people being treated in other jurisdictions, including some as far as away Utah.

Mr. Savoury told a Halifax inquiry that Nova Scotia had only one secure treatment facility — the Wood Street facility in Truro — which since opening in December 2003, has provided short-term treatment for about 160 children.

He said about 2,000 children are in the care of Community Services, and about one-third of them are in conflict with the law. About 15 per cent of that group are in foster care, and 140 of them live in residential centres.

Mr. Savoury said in many cases, the kids’ parents have given up on them.

He acknowledged the department failed to expand its programs and services with the introduction of the Youth Criminal Justice Act in April 2003. The new law emphasized dealing with troubled teens in the community rather than jailing them.

"We were not of aware of any requirement . . . to expand services in response to the act," Mr. Savoury said of the shortage of long-term treatment facilities.

He said plans are afoot to change the concept of group homes, which provide housing for kids who have no place else to stay. "Too many group homes are providing the same level of service," he said of the need of more facilities providing a higher level of care for teens who require intensive treatment.

Linda Smith, executive director of mental health, child health and addiction treatment for the Health Department, testified that in the absence of long-term facilities, "there was little likelihood of success in treating repeat offenders."

She said a community approach would be unsuccessful because some kids need to be held in custody or in a secure treatment centre.

Ms. Smith said mental health problems are more acute among homeless teens because of a host of other difficulties they face.

While the Youth Criminal Justice Act has many positive provisions, reducing the number of teens in custody means more unmanageable kids are being put out on the street, she said.

Alyson Muzzerall, senior superintendent at the Nova Scotia Youth Centre in Waterville, noted that about two months before the act took effect, her facility and a similar one in Shelburne housed 168 young offenders; 10 months later, Shelburne was closed, and the number of kids at the Waterville institution had dropped to 68.

There are 71 young people in Waterville, seven of them girls. They range in age from 12 to 18, but most are 16 or 17.

Ms. Muzzerall spoke of the many programs available at the youth facility but said, "we’re not miracle workers."

She said it took 17 years for some kids to get the way they are, and "we just have three months of programming."

The inquiry, headed by retired Nova Scotia Supreme Court justice Merlin Nunn, is looking into the events leading to the death of Teresa McEvoy of Halifax in October 2004 She was killed when her car was broadsided by a stolen vehicle driven by a teen.

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